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There are different sources that a child draws information from. The process of socialisation and learning occurs throughout our lives; however, the essential building blocks for socialisation occurs in our childhood. Children  acquire their value systems from  the interactions they have with their family, school teaching and non-teaching staff, peers, media and popular culture. Playing a critical role within this mix is a child’s family and  their educational setting; these broaden a child’s understanding of the world and increase their comfort zone.

After primary socialising agents (i.e. family),  education  has been found to play another significant role in a child’s emotional, mental and intellectual development. By developing a broad-based curriculum, an academic setting aims to instil self-discipline and self-awareness in their pupils. However, given how each individual is different, it is unsurprising that each child has a unique learning style. Failing to tap into or understand their distinctive style can lead to a child being unable to reach their full potential.

Early experiences shape children’s  constructs of the world. The best child and educational psychologists work with others to ensure that schools and settings develop stimulating and enriching curriculums that support and encourage children to  develop a sense of curiosity and interest in the world that is then translated into a lifelong love of learning.

High quality formative and early years experiences are  necessary in order support children and young people to become independent learners  successful adults. According to several studies, the development of critical behavioural, emotional and cognitive skills take place in our childhood. Not only are these skills necessary for transitioning into a learning environment, they are important for social adjustment and effective social development.

Choosing Changing Minds for a Child’s Educational Development

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